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The Boulder Pivot

Due to it’s existing climate commitments and innovative culture, Boulder, CO is uniquely situated to pave the way forward in sustainable thinking and action. With equity and resilience as core aspects of their climate programs and policies, we see a partnership between Pivot Projects and the City of Boulder as a key opportunity for our communities to align climate action with economic resilience, community preparedness with social equity, and technology with local governance. Please take a moment to review these short videos and slides which outline some of the ways this can happen. We recommend viewing “Boulder -Reaching Out” first and then viewing “Boulder Pivots”. We also recommend viewing Pivot Projects general pitch.

Boulder - Reaching Out

Who are Pivot Projects? What might a partnership between the City of Boulder and Pivot Projects look like? Let's make Boulder a lever for change and the center of climate discussion in Colorado.


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Boulder Pivots

Intro: “What might a Pivot Projects approach look like in greater detail? What strategy might Pivot Projects take when working with Boulder? Through a system of systems lense, we take a look at existing climate programs in Boulder and the issue of water in the west.


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