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  • Gabriela Hamm

“Lifeboat: The Wreck of The Invisible Hand,” Engraved Vinyl Siding, Acrylic Paint, 2011

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Artist: Michael Dinges


Artist Statement: I am primarily influenced by the 19th century Sailor’s folk art practice of scrimshaw and the WW 1 Soldier’s craft of Trench Art. Both of these historic practices were made on the very materials that could maim or kill its creator. One on the bones and teeth of whales and the other on the leftover brass artillery shells from battle. In all of my work, I want the viewer to ask, “Is this what you wanted, are these the results you intended?”

2011, Engraved Vinyl Siding, Wood and Acrylic Paint

A full sized “lifeboat” fabricated out of vinyl siding and engraved with images and text exploring the intertwined stories of labor, consumerism, and the environment.

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