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Pivot Week 2021 - Pivot Projects Jamboree - online event series

To celebrate the first anniversary of Pivot Projects we are hosting an online event series, the 2021 Pivot Projects Jamboree #PivotWeek2021.

Everyone is welcome. Do join in to explore what it means to help create a more sustainable and resilient world, and share what pivot(s) might be.

Whilst interdependence and relations permeate all our work, there are four streams for the Pivot Week 2021 Jamboree Programme:

  • Projects: Introducing the Pivot Projects community and partnerships.

  • Perspectives: Exploring particular themes of Pivot(s) such as economics, rivers, cities, infrastructure and forests.

  • Practices: Embracing the skills and wisdom that will help us as individuals and communities to generate Pivot(s) including themes of leadership and collaboration.

  • Jamboree: join us to celebrate PivotWeek with the Art Gallery and hear music for the soul.

See for the schedule for more details.

Pivot Projects is an International group of volunteers. We believe that recovery from COVID-19 can be a catalyst for achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 and accomplishing the UN’s global sustainable development goals for health, education, and equitable prosperity.

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